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Janine Allis, the Founder of Boost Juice, who took the business from being a single humble juice bar in Adelaide to the biggest juice bar business in the world, took to the RESET stage to give us her 7 tips for growth in business and in life.

1.    There’s no point in having a business if no one knows about it

Janine says, “I never understand businesses who start to lose, lose money and the first thing they cut is marketing.”

2.    Be the leader you wish you had

Janine says, “Don’t be a VERB – victim, entitled, rescue, blame. Instead SOAR- Self, outlook, action, reflection.”

3.    Don’t settle for mediocrity

“The reality is, when you go to a restaurant and a person serves your food and you can tell they just don't like people. Right? You know? If you don't like people don't be in people orientated industries. Don't settle for mediocrity in your life and your business.”

4.    Don’t fake it. Be truly customer led

“f you’re constantly being customer led and thinking customer first- you can't lose.”

5.    You have to fail to succeed

“Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, these are the three biggest losers on the planet. These guys get it wrong all the time, but they actually embrace failure.”

6.    Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break 

7.    Say YES

“If I didn't say yes in my life, I wouldn't be standing in front of you today. I wouldn't have done Survivor. I wouldn't have a business called Boost Juice bars. So, I think the power of yes is actually quite extraordinary.”

Catch some behind the scenes content with Janine:

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